What we do

We believe that the Czech Republic belongs to the European Union. We believe that the Czech Republic shares European faith in democracy, free enterprise, social justice and security. Thanks to the European integration, Czechs are now living in the most prosperous period with the highest quality of their life. And we want to keep it that way.

In the era of Brexit and unceasing discussions about Czexit, our task is to do as much as possible to help to keep the Czech Republic on the main track of European integration.

It is no secret that the Czechs are one of the most euro-sceptic nations in EU28. We understand that most of this scepticism has no real foundation and stems from misinformation, fake-news, popular myths about EU, lack of political will to present euro-topics in necessary depth and general scepticism of the Czech people towards political institutions. In general, lack of proper information in public space is the main threat of Czech membership in the EU. That’s the thing we want to change.

How we do it

Our main effort is to fight misinformation, myths and spread of fake news. For that purpose, efforts of Moje Evropa society builds on four pillars: cooperation with research agencies, public seminars or discussions, cooperation with the nationwide media and e-communication.

Work of Moje Evropa is open to anybody, but in the core of our efforts is a young generation, which we believe is the key for possible change.

Cooperation with research agencies

You cannot fight misinformation without proper data. That is the reason, why we cooperate with experts from research agencies who provide us exclusive data which we use in our communication through various channels.

In the first part of 2019 we published data from the large exclusive poll from Median research agency focused on various EU-related topics (e.g. Czech stance towards euro currency, perceived benefits from EU membership, perception of EU in general). In cooperation with Median we also conducted focus groups in effort to obtain more qualitative data. You can find example of those data at following link.

In cooperation with researches from Charles University we published our exclusive analysis of Twitter traffic with respect to EU-related topics before election to the European Parliament. You can check them out here and here. With our partners from Media Tenor we also presented an analysis of presence of EU-topics in main Czech televisions.

Public seminars and discussions

Being present in media and internet is just not enough to improve Czech stance towards EU and to reach our goal. For that reason, we hosted many public discussions and seminars with young people, students and general public all around the country.

During our public meetings we focus on most often desinterpreted topics in Czech discourse – euro currency, future of the Czech Republic in the EU, EU policies towards the Czech Republic and the most widely “popular” euromyths. You can find list of the biggest events we hosted or we were part of at following link.


All the exclusive data we conduct with our partners are used in further communication of Moje Evropa towards general public in order to improve Czech stance towards EU and to provide people solid information about European integrtion. One of communication channel we use are traditional press releases for the media, which often amplify our message and widen our reach.

If you are interested in the list of articles based on our activities in Czech nationwide media, just click here to find a full list.



You can find all our activities (discussions, publications or data) at our e-platforms – website and social networks. We perceive Moje Evropa website as a hub which provides exclusive and useful content for its visitors. We want to give our readers content, that they can use in real life, while helping to diminish influence of misinformation about EU among public. For that purpose you can find two unique sections at our website – EuroWiki and EuroMyths.

In EuroWiki section people can find many basic terms about EU, which are put in very simple and understandable way. It is not a copy-paste of existing websites. We provide our visitors unique content made specially for them.

EuroMyths section is regularly updated page with most common and current EU-related myths in Czech public discourse. We refute these myths and explain the topic in a fact-based way.

Social networks are in the core of our efforts. We are able to target and directly speak to tens of thousands Czech people through our Facebook and Twitter page. Our social media pages are working just for few months but are gaining hundreds of new fans and followers every month.

Join us

Now its up to you. You know everything about us and our efforts. If you like what you just have read about us, it is super easy to join us. You can follow our Facebook or Twitter page and subscribe to Moje Evropa newsletter through the form bellow.


    We are not affiliated with any political party, movement, governmental coalition or opposition. We are not part of any state or European bureau. We are open community of people, who strive to achieve correct and fact-based discussion about Czech place in the modern Europe.

    Our goal is successful Czech Republic in the strong Europe.